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Re: ledgersmb 1.3 bin/aa.pl , I would revert part of commit r5799

hi herman,

Am I correct to think the issue reported below has been handled (by you)? The conclusion being that it doesn't  require attention anymore? (and thus can be removed from my todo list?)



On Jun 24, 2013 12:59 PM, "herman vierendeels" <..hidden..> wrote:
In r5799 statement &create_links was added to bin/aa.pl  'sub update'
But this makes that AA->get_name is called again from create_links
and already user-filled in fields like
$form->{AP_amount_1}     $form->{amount_1}     $form->{AP}
are overridden again in get_name

So i would for the moment comment out statement &create_links in 'sub
update' of bin/aa.pl.

Maybe statements needed for r5799 from create_links could be put in
new separate subroutine and called both from 'sub update' and

branches/1.3/bin/aa.pl [r5799] .. [r5800]
 sub update {
     my $display = shift;
     $is_update = 1;
+    &create_links;
}#end sub update

sub create_links {
 AA->get_name( \%myconfig, \%$form );
$form->{ $form->{ARAP} } = $form->{"$form->{ARAP}_1"};#set in AA get_name
}#end create_links


sub get_name
 # setup last accounts used for this customer/vendor
my $i = 0;
                $form->{"$form->{ARAP}_amount_$i"} =
                  if $ref->{accno};
                $form->{ $form->{ARAP} } = $form->{"$form->{ARAP}_1"} =
                  "$ref->{accno}--" . "$ref->{description}"
                  if $ref->{accno};
#end AA.pm


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