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Re: Proposal for LedgerSMB 1.5: Refactor and move some utility functionality to CPAN

Hi Chris

Thanks for releasing the code. Some initial feedback, based on the description. I haven't tried the module(s) yet.

Name. Why not Pg::Object and Pg::Object::Simple.
The description leads me to believe that PGObject would be better as a Moose role. Especially "Most developers will want to use more functional modules which add to these functions." and the note about state handling.

PGObject::Simple looks like a class consuming that role.

Just a thought, as I can see that LedgerSMB uses Moose.

Just as an update, I have uploaded PGObject and PGObject::Simple to CPAN. These together are a  nearly complete and generalized eqivalent to DBObject.  What is currently missing is the type registration framework we will need for dates and numeric types.  The code is refactored and the interfaces cleaned up and I have sterted requesting feedback elsewhere.

Best wishes
Chris Travers

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