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1.3.31.rc1 out, note inventory calculation changes

Hi everyone;

I have pushed out 1.3.31-rc1.  Note this has some significant changes in the way inventory numbers are handled (previously discussed on list).  Anyone looking at testing rc1 should pay particular attention to this.

In the past, LedgerSMB deducted from onhand numbers when orders were shipped, but there were certain circumstances where the application might neglect to update the onhand.  For example, if you converted an invoice from a shipped order and then added more lines before posting, the additional lines would not be deducted from the onhand numbers.

To correct this we changed the approach so that onhand represents the number of uninvoiced parts.  This update will adjust your inventory onhand numbers to correct for the difference.  I have users on this version currently who use inventory extensively and we have found no current ongoing issues with inventory calculations.

For anyone interested in testing the release candidate, please pay particular attention to the onhand numbers after update, especially if you are using the shipping/receiving system.  If there are any issues here we are not adverse to running another RC.  If anyone needs help testing, let me know.

The RC can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ledger-smb/files/Beta%20Releases/1.3.31-rc1/

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers