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Database upgrade from 1.2.21 to 1.3.29 fails

I'm making yet another attempt to transfer my production data across to a test instance of 1.3.29 so that my staff can have a play with the 1.3 system before we try and bring it live.

I copied the production database to a test one and invoked the setup.pl script.

The setup script ran through without errors apart from a few duplicate invoices, customers etc and I created a user. The user creation went through OK and the process finished without errors

I then logged into the new instance of ledgersmb and found that the database was completely empty, no accounts, no customers, no transactions. The only thing present was the user I just created.

Obviously something has failed in the process and hasn't given an error message. Can anyone suggest what I should be looking at to try and pin down the error?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and Postgres 8.4 (the postgres server is on a different box)

The error log has multiple instances of

[Sun Mar 03 22:11:28 2013] [error] [client] commit ineffective with AutoCommit enabled at scripts/setup.pl line 617., referer: http://woden.titley.com/ledgersmb-1.3/setup.pl

but I suspect this is cosmetic

This is a real killer. I can't even think of moving to 1.3 until I can get the data across