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Re: importing ledger transactions

>>>>> "Grant" == Grant  <..hidden..> writes:
    >>> Can anyone recommend a method for importing several years worth of
    >>> ledger transactions from gnucash into ledgersmb?
    >> You my talk to Federico Gasparrini and get some more info, and ask him
    >> for about the code.
    >> Migrating from gnucash
    >> http://ledger-smb.1045705.n5.nabble.com/Migrating-from-gnucash-td5166790.html

    Grant> Thanks Havard.  As for CSV importation of bank transactions,
    Grant> I get the 
    Grant> impression this functionality is not quite complete.  Do folks using
    Grant> ledgersmb really enter each bank transaction into the ledger
    Grant> one-by-one?

I tried it at first, but it didn't help me.

I do not enter the transactions one by one: 90% of them should already
be there: payments received, payments made.  The only things I have to
enter upon reconciliation are bank charges, interest, and whatever it
was that got forgotten.

For my CC reconcilliation, 99% is always "forgotten" ;-)