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LedgerSMB 1.3.29-rc1 released, please test

Hi all;

Do to the growing size of the changelog we have decided to start the 1.3.29 rc process.  Most of the fixes are polishing fixes, but there is a fix to credit limit calculation in the case where the single payment interface is used. 

Please see the changelog below for more details

Changelog for 1.3.29
* Added db routines for role backup and restore for shared hosting
environments (Chris T, 3598924, filed by Erik H)
* Added provision in Makefile to instantiate pos.conf.pl if not exist (Chris
T, 3599945)
* Fixed errors adding shipto on invoice screen (Chris T, 3599908)
* Fixed permission denied errors adding translations (Chris T, 3599943)
* Added version number to message at top of menu (Chris T, 3600009)
* Added wrapper div around pricegroup field in contact screen to allow cssp,
Chris T.
* Fixed inverted tax numbers in vendor taxable sales report (Chris T, 3600002)
* Fixed cash/receipt and payment screen calculating to pay wrong (Chris T,
* Fixed net-0 transactions not showing up on search (Chris T, 3600700)
* Fixed incorrect recommendation in Makefile.PL (Chris T, h.t Havard S and
Robert C)
* Fixed contact info addition workflow.  Now entering multiple contact records 
is not a total pain(Chris T)
* Fixed lines 2 and 3 not showing on address div for contacts (Chris T)
* Fixed credit limit not accounting for some payments (Chris T, 3600679)
* Payments tables in invoice/transaction screens can be referenced in CSS
(Chris T)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann