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For those testing branches/1.3 prereleases

Hi everyone;

I just committed to branches/1.3 a fairly significant change.  Normally I would push this sort of change off to major version changes but this fixes a significant number of old "notabug" reports due to the way invoices and orders work.  If anyone working on this can move up to the tip of branches/1.3 that would be appreciated.  

The fix makes the partnumber field of existing lines non-editable and provides a separate button to click to remove a line.  This impacts the framework in a significant number of ways (but may allow some other things to be changed over time).  Among other things nextsub/action handling has been changed.  While before we required an action on all submissions, now if no action exists, we use nextsub as a fallback.  This should have no negative impacts on old code, but it is worth noting that this is a deep change.

The second thing that is worth noting is that the invoice and order screens no longer require a button to be activated to submit.  This makes no difference on most browsers but if you are using on elinks this means that pressing enter no longer triggers an error.  Unfortunately on graphical browsers, pressing enter usually activates the first button, which would delete the first line.  In order to avoid breaking workflows, I added _javascript_ to submit the form with no button activated.  This has been tested on Chrome and code is verified to work on IE (and so I feel comfortable assuming it will work everywhere else).

This is the sort of change that is likely to extend the release cycle for 1.3.28 by at least a week.  Anyone interested in running latest branches/1.3 on this list should do so and report any problems.  If we have to we can always back out this specific commit and defer it for another release.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers