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included tax calculation and review of transactions

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    Chris> Could you try this patch and let me know if you have any
    Chris> further issues? 

The code seem to work fine.

One thing which I notice, which I think was different before, certainly
in 1.2 was different was Tax-included calculation.

So, I enter an amount: 128.82, and since it comes from a CREDIT card
and online receipt, I'm not entirely sure what the taxable base was.

Since the calculate the included tax hasn't worked, I use bc in another
window, taking 128.82 - (128.82 / 1.13) to get the tax amount. I enter
that in the tax box, and I don't click on the box next to it, so the
total already includes that amount. GOOD.

Then I review that transaction afterwards, and I see:

amount: 114
tax: 14.82 (UNCHECKED)
tax_included: CHECKED

now, this transaction is saved, and I do not intend to edit it, but it
seems wrong if I were to copy-to-new.  

Either the tax box should be checked here, or the tax_included box
should be unchecked, or the new calculation would be wrong.

ps: It would be nice to have the payments totalled on that page for
    comparison to the total on the invoice. Obviously, they might not
    always match.
pps: it would also be nice to be able to have the payment amount updated
     by the total...  

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