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Tables or css positioning for data entry forms?

Hi everyone;

Since 1.3 I had been moving to semantic markup with css positioning (relative) for data entry forms.  This move is supposed to make it easier to support mobile devices and the like.  Unfortunately this has two huge tradeoffs.  The first is that relative positioning seems to generally demand a certain degree of internal knowledge regarding the size of label fields, and the like, and consequently, I expect this to create headaches for translators who may have to address this themselves.  Also cross-browser support for css positioning is iffy and so if we continue to go that route I think we are going to want to use refab toolkits.

I am actually thinking it might be worthwhile to move back to tables.  I dont think this would be a huge job to address this for 1.4 even.

What do people think?

Best wishes,
Chris Travers