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Re: Accrual based tax forms in 1.3

On 19/12/2012 11:17, Chris Travers wrote:

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 3:08 AM, Nigel Titley <..hidden..> wrote:
The manual states that accrual based tax forms are available in 1.3 but
the only commit related to this seems to be only for 1.4. is this correct?

It's not much of a problem, but means we will have to stay with our 1.2
production until 1.4 is ready for production as we do accrual based VAT

If you just need accrual tax forms, i can get you a very simple backport (that will replace the cash-based ones in 1.3)
If you can then it would be helpful. I may end up trying to shift our production system over to 1.3 during the Christmas holidays, depending on the outcome of this testing



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