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Re: return of BigFloat errors

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    >> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Richardson <..hidden..> writes:
    Michael> b) July 1, 2010, our Provincial Sales Tax was killed (merged
    >> into
    Michael> the federal Harmonized Sales Tax... VAT).  So I have:
    >> I tried to add a new row with a zero tax rate, but when I hit update to
    >> get a blank row I get one for the GST as well, and I see no way to
    >> remove that row, and leaving it blank doesn't work.

    Chris> blank rows are ignored when saving.

okay, but:


ERROR: invalid input syntax for type numeric: ""
LINE 1: select account__save_tax('12','infinity','0','',NULL,'2320',...

I figured out that the problem is that "min taxable" must have a "0",
not a blank.

    >> Is there an example of a way to run ap.pl outside of Apache, or
    >> something that goes through old-handler.pl to load stuff.    Clearly the
    >> error is buried much deeper.

    Chris> What I have done in the past is this:

    Chris> Since this is ap.pl you can go step through it by adding a like like

    Chris> $form->error(__LINE__)
    Chris> to sub update and use this to set breakpoints.  you can also
    Chris> warn instead 

I'm not sure where "sub update" is...?

    Chris> and send the messages to the log file.  If you'd like to email me the
    Chris> results of:

    Chris> SELECT * FROM tax WHERE chart_id = 12;

    Chris> then maybe I can try to reproduce.


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