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Re: Proposed feature request (indefinite version): LaTeX document classes

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    Chris> I am wondering what folks think about moving from LaTeX
    Chris> templates per se to LaTeX document classes and packages, with
    Chris> a lot less micromanagement of layout in the template itself.
    Chris> The idea is that we could provide a good LaTeX development
    Chris> environment rather than some sample documents.  The LaTeX
    Chris> document classes might even be things that could be pushed
    Chris> into TeXLive, thus getting more exposure and wider use.

please tell me more about what this means.
Does this mean that I could test templates outside of LedgerSMB?

    Chris> If other projects use our work this increases the likelihood
    Chris> that we can expand our exposure to the market generally, and
    Chris> may get help in this area from others as well.

that's seems like a good thing.

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