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Re: Status of 1.4 and call for involvement

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 6:48 PM, Berend Tober <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris Travers wrote:
I have committed your patches.  The one to pg-database.sql
thought seems out of date and already applied.  Are you running
last snapshot or from svn?

1) I still have the table creation order problem if I run prepare-company-database with the sql/Pg-database.sql from the repository. Only two tables actually end up being created after all the subsequent errors and rollbacks.

Can you actually run that script as is and successfully create a new company data base?

2) Also I noticed "sql/modules/Fixes.sql" tries to add a column to a table in which the column already exists.

Patches attached.

3) Also, please use a better commit message: "Fixing Berend Tober's bugs" sounds like someone else is repairing damage I caused. Something like "Applying patches from Berend" would be better.

Sorry about that.  I will keep that in mind.  The message didn't register in that way.

Best wishes,
Chris Travers