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Default inventory entity in US?


The default inventory entity (the entity which serves as the virtual buyer/seller of inventory adjustments) is created in Pg-database.sql. Before we had setup.pl and create-company-database.sh that probably made sense. However, today I'd say it makes more sense to create the inventory entity as part of the setup process and assign it the company wide default country, or - better yet - the country of the company itself.

The above requires the removal of the statements in Pg-database.sql which create the inventory entity. Is that something we can do mid-1.3 series? It's easy enough to adjust setup.pl and create-company-database.sh.

One advantage of this change would be that we can delay filling the COUNTRY table, filling it with Perl's country list later in the process (instead of our own hard-coded list which I presume to be less up to date).