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Fwd: Invoice on hold

Question to be answered from Brian's mail to the users list would be:

"Is the 'On Hold'/'Off Hold' button applicable to Orders as well as Invoices?"

After that's answered, we can either fix the 500 error or remove the button from the Order screen.

Thanks for your responses!



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From: Brian Wolf <..hidden..>
Date: Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 2:09 AM
Subject: [Ledger-smb-users] Invoice on hold
To: Ledger SMB Mailing List <..hidden..>

We've discovered a couple of minor bugs when putting an invoice "on hold".

1. Clicking the "On Hold" button from a sales order produces a 500 - Internal Server Error.
But, it works on a sales invoice.

2. After a sales invoice is put on hold, the button still says "On Hold".  Through experimentation, turns out that the button seems to be meant as a toggle: clicking it a second time takes the invoice OFF hold.  Therefore, when status is "on hold", the button should instead say "Off Hold" or similar.


Brian Wolf
Email: ..hidden..
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