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Install file updates?

On Wed, 2012-10-17 at 10:24 -0400, Chris Travers wrote:

> Technically we should avoid any distro-specific info in the INSTALL.
> We should call it Module::Install and let people with specific distros
> search for such packages.  For example in Fedora, it's called
> perl-module-install.  Leave the distro-specific stuff to others.

   I tend to agree and it's something I've thought about in relation to
the dist/* directories: keep the main INSTALL file relatively generic
and move the distribution specific information to the dist/*
directories, with a note in that main INSTALL file advising to check
those directories for whatever distribution specific information is

   For instance; something I've already been thinking about is moving
the Debian lenny specific install instructions (like packages to use,
etc) to something like INSTALL.lenny in the dists/deb directory (not
sure how long it should be kept...), also referring there back to the
main INSTALL file for more general information.

   It would seem that the Debian squeeze information in the INSTALL file
may also be out of sync with the current versions of the LSMB; but
rather than updating that in the main INSTALL file, also move that to
something like dists/deb/INSTALL.squeeze.  (And the same could be done
for ubuntu...)