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Re: Web API

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 12:23 AM, Pongrácz István <..hidden..> wrote:


Sorry for my late reply :)

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To be more specific:

I use jitterbit community edition to make integration tasks. I connect to Magento using its WSDL interface, which is relatively easy to do, without knowing the internals of Magento (php, _javascript_, database etc.). To access data on Magento, I had not necessary to modify the code of Magento in any way, so, I can access from one application (jitterbit) to any Magento on the world via internet.

So, my vision with lsmb would be similar: to access a (relatively) simple interface, avoid any code modification, to access information and manipulating them. That is why I asked my original question, is there any web api or similar tool to access to lsmb.

We should still all be in contact about developing integration-friendly approaches.  After all this *is* the key to LedgerSMB's long-term success.

After reading your replies, I guess there is no such an interface yet available in the mainline code, so, it is necessary to find a workaround or mode.

As I am getting familiar with jitterbit, I plan to use this tool in the future, instead of writing own code. Some reasons:

So, in this case I can see the following limits and scenario:

Use stored procedures where you can, if Jitterbit supports this.  If it doesn't we should write stored procedures to support it.  That way folks are able to share efforts.  The more we can share efforts here, the better.  This will also help with 1.5/1.6 development too.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers