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I started to work with a 3rd party migration tool, which is able to connect to software systems using web services (wsdl), http endpoint (http://xxx/yyy?zzzz=wwww etc.), direct database access.

I am wondering, how could I access to ledgersmb (1.3) to read and manipulate the data.

Functions are common:

As you can see, these are pretty common features in every webshops and in general functions in every use case.

So, my question what is the good way to start implementing these functions?

  1. Direct sql manipulation,
  2. Web service (using lsmb's own http access as normal usage),
  3. Using future interface,
  4. Modify lsmb to make a http://..... request with modified data as http parameters to pass values to the migration tool (like a trigger when something posted/updated).

My main goal with using 3rd party tool is that avoid to modify the original code of any webshop and lsmb. To make it realtime, a small modification would be necessary on these codes, for example like the 4th point above, but it would be nice to keep as little change as possible to the original code.

So, any advice?

Thank you,