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Re: Versioned installation directories?

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 2:23 AM, Robert James Clay <..hidden..> wrote:
>   Something I've been thinking about is what to use for versioned
> installation directory naming for LedgerSMB Debian packages; perhaps not
> for the standard packages, which currently install
> to /usr/share/ledgersmb, but perhaps for optional and/or custom
> packages.  The idea would be to allow the installation of multiple
> versions on the same system, for things like testing or for
> transitioning from one major version to another.
>   Of the ways I've thought of, the one I've been leaning towards is to
> use directory names like /usr/share/ledgersmb12
> or /usr/share/ledgersmb14; that way, it doesn't matter what other
> versions might already installed.  And while I don't plan to make this a
> part of the standard package build, I am thinking about trying to make
> it some kind of package build time option.

More or less what I do for development is check out the various
branches into different places where I install them.  Versioned
directories would be fine.  The one thing is you can't easily use make
install in that case (which we will be supporting) because of Perl
versioning and loading issues.  This is actually one reason why
although I want to support make install, I don't want to require it.

Best wishes,
Chris Travers

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