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Re: What's left to do on 1.4 and tentative timeline


On 2012-07-24 17:28, Chris Travers wrote:

Right now I am shooting for an early beta in mid-late August and, all
things going well, a release in late autumn.  The major thing that
must be done between now and the first beta is payroll.    Income
statements and balance sheets should be done as well.

I don't need Payroll so I would prefer more general purpose stuff to be done first so I can beta test . .

 During the beta
period, I will probably continue to pull out old code reports and
replace them with new code as I can.  I expect formal betas at least
every two weeks and in-between releases perhaps every week.

I still have family dramas going on but I will try and test each beta from scratch with an install on a fresh virtual computer.

Once we head into the beta process, Id like to start talking about
1.5 and what wed like to prioritize there.

Sounds good!



Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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