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Re: Proposed Menu/configuration system change

On 16/07/2012 08:02, Chris Travers wrote:

I was thinking about System/Defaults vs System/Audit Trail and since our audit trail is now different, we probably don't need settings for that (the settings in 1/3 don't do anything).

My thinking was to change System/Audit Trail to System/Security and put accounting control settings (like separate duties, password duration, session timeout, and what happens when the session times out) there. the accounting controls could have one section and the security settings another. It would call out the fact that these are special settings and help restrict access to them. I don't think the permissions can be set currently at the database level unless we add a flag (I'd rather wait to do that for 1.5 if we need to), but we could check at the controller level.

What do folks think?

Sounds fine to me