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Errors in some LedgerSMB locale/po/ files

  One of the things available to Debian Package maintainers is a report
about possible package translation issues.  Checking the one for the
LedgerSMB package [1], I found the following files have "fatal errors":
nb.po, fi.po, es_AR.po, ar_EG.po, & es_AR.po.  I checked them as they
are in v1.3.18, since that is what the current report is against.

  The first three, if I understand them correctly, are relatively easy
to fix;  at least, if I tried correcting them, the output of msgfmt
changed to just complaining about missing headers.  It also shows that
the es_AR.po has 12 instances of the error "duplicate message
definition";  that does seem to be the case but I'm not sure which set
is supposed to be the correct one.


[1] http://i18n.debian.net/l10n-pkg-status/l/ledgersmb.html