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Re: Development Snapshot Released

It looks like the previous mail didn't get through because of file size - reduced and trying again . .


The RPM installed fine but the screen looks odd - see attached png.


On 2012-06-06 12:01, Chris Travers wrote:
Hi all;

I have released 1.4M2-4845.  This release is listed as M2 because we
now have the contact management system re-engineered as far as it is
likely to go for 1.4.  M3 will probably follow soon with
customer/vendor/lead management web services (the handler is done, and the object classes now make it possible to build this without too much

The complete changelog is below.

This version is stable enough to do testing of trasactions.  GL
reporting is known-working.  AR/AP reporting is on the new framework
but there are some known issues there still.

You can get it at


Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.4 Series

General Enhancements:
* scripts/* files moved to make inheritance possible (Chris T)
* PostgreSQL contrib dependencies removed, now require Pg 8.4 (Chris T)
* Performance enhancements on menu routines (Chris T and Steven M)
* Removed the Config::Std dependency and moved to Config::General (Chris T)
* Improved error handling using Try::Tiny and die (Chris T)
* Added +/- selection indicators to menu CSS (Chris T)
* Added "dynatable.html" template that can be included in templates (Chris T) * Dynatable forms obtained through GET now show link back to form (Chris T) * LedgerSMB->error and Form->error now show db version and company (Chris T)
* Simpler use of Log::Log4perl instead of LedgerSMB::Log (Chris T)
* Changing all auth calls to hit postgres db instead of template1 (Chris T)
* Centralized database commit for new code (Chris T)
* invoice.unit is now unbounded numeric to reduce errors (Chris T, 3516235) * Invoices with inventory subject to draft/vouchers workflows (Chris T)

New RESTful Web Services Framework
* Supports XML and JSON as input formats
* Supports XML and JSON as output formats

New Reporting Framework
* Easy bridge between SQL and display (Chris T)
* All reports exportable to CSV (Chris T)
* All reports exportable to PDF (Chris T)
* Unified UI for reports (Chris T)

Customer/Vendor Handling
* Added sales tax id and license number fields for companies (Chris T)
* Simpified database schema (Chris T)

New CSV Import Module
* Imports GL transactions (Chris T)
* Imports AP batches (Chris T)
* Imports charts of accounts entries (Erik H)
* Imports GIFI tables (Erik H)
* Imports SIC tables (Erik H)
* Imports timecards (Chris T)
* Extensible
* field maps can be overridden

New Business Reporting Unit System (Chris T)
* Replaces Projects and Departments
* Business reporting units may be nested
* Allows one to do funds accounting, track jobs separately from projects, etc * Report on any combination of business reporting units (up to one per class)

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Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
E-mail:  ..hidden..

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