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Any objection to releasing .18 tomorrow?


Any objection to releasing .18 tomorrow?

I did have to make a couple changes during freeze but nothing to the
core code.  These include (in order of severity):

1)  Date handling tests had to be adjusted because of changes in
from_to and localizated dates.  The old behavior lead to weird and
invalid outputs and would have begun to throw errors next year.  The
new behavior does not localize date formats in from_to but rather
returns ISO SQL formatted dates always, and these are then properly
localized through $locale->date() which was producing invalid results
in the application before.

The test failures (since corrected) do suggest that there are probably
corner cases where dates will no longer be displayed in localized
format in the application's front-end in 1.3.x.  However, normally
dates are not displayed in localized format in 1.3.x anyway, and this
ensures that creating localized text strings where explicitly done,
always works properly.

2)  I had to add a couple names to the changelog.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers