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Re: wxPOS almost there

Erik or Chris,

Can one of you help Anders with some answers ?

On 12. april 2012 15:59, Andres Basile wrote:
I would like to finish this, at least a basic invoice but I'm having
issues understanding how to record the invoioce on the database, so far:

1. New Acc Transaction
-Id, table_name

2. New AR
-Date, invoice true, total with taxes, total without taxes, total paid

3. New Invoice
-Foreach part { trans_id, sell price, qty }

4. Inventory
-Foreach part {Parts_id, qty, shipping_date, trans_id}

5. Taxes
How should I record them? I'm summing total amount for each tax account
and then a transaction

6. Cost Account
 From where I have to get the part cost? Maybe an old transaction when I
bought it?

Am I missing something here?

I will appreciate some clarification. =)
Thanks in advance.-