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File Properties: exe/non-exe ?


    One of the issues I've needed to deal with for the Debian package
builds are files that are marked as being executable when the shouldn't
be or vice versa.  For instance;  Perl or shell scripts that are not
marked as being executable but do have the shebang line.  A main Debian
QA program (lintian) finds such files and give warnings about them;  and
althought they're not considered errors, they're still things I like to
correct for the package builds.

    With v.1.3.15 rc2, there are a couple of more files to deal with
(the two new Perl scripts in the tools directory) and that reminded me
about an I idea I've had for something else I can work on.
Specifically;  correcting the property settings for files such as the
above directly in the SVN repository.  (Not something I've tried but I
presume it would work.) 

    So what I plan to do is create bugs for the sets of files I've found
that have the issue, then correct them.   First, would there be any
issue with me working on this?  And, if not, would something like this
even need a changelog entry?  (Not that it would need much...)