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Re: ledger-smb:[4639] addons/1.3

Speaking of customer details.
This is how I have found myself needing to break things down.

I break my customer table down into the following fields.
One common difference I see here in Texas is whether or not a customer
is a residential or commercial customer.
The sales tax laws here are different for each type of customer.
I often have "the same customer" for their own residential work and
also for their business work. That is why I have a separate field for
residential versus commercial since the billing address is often the

Another common situation I run into are jobs where there is a
husband/wife or other type of couple involved.
It is better for me to close the deal
with the couple instead of picking one of the two out of the hat.
No hard feelings and it also gives me both full contacts right away.

cust_bill_fname 		Customer First Name	
cust_bill_lname 		Customer Last Name	
cust_bill_phone_cell 		Customer Cell Phone
cust_bill_phone_work 		Customer Work Phone	
cust_bill_email 		Customer Email	
cust_bill_fname2 		Second Customer First Name	
cust_bill_lname2 		Second Customer Last Name	
cust_bill_phone_cell2 		Second Customer Cell Phone	
cust_bill_phone_work2 		Second Customer Work Phone	
cust_bill_email2 		Second Customer Email	

residential_or_commercial	Customer is Commercial or Residential
cust_bill_business_name		Business Name for Customer
cust_bill_phone_fax 		Customer Fax	
cust_bill_phone_home 		Customer Home Phone	
cust_bill_street_addr 		Customer Street Address	
cust_bill_street_addr2 		Customer Street Address cont.	
cust_bill_city 			Customer City	
cust_bill_state 		Customer State	
cust_bill_zip 			Customer Zip Code	
cust_bill_country	 	Customer Country	
cust_bill_notes			Notes about Customer	
cust_id				Customer ID Number

I break different job sites into a different table. Even residential
customers sometimes have two local jobsites if they are moving/selling.

Chris Bennett