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Upload of large configuration tables for 1.4

Hi Chris, all,

As discussed, I've implemented uploading of CoA files to help people set up their own CoA's more quickly. While I was at it, I also implemented uploading of GIFI codes and SIC entries. Both classify (IMO) as configuration items which potentially require large tables for correct or complete setup.

While testing the upload functionality, I ran into one issue I'd like to raise: When trying to create upload files with Excel, I found that the default CSV separator used in LSMB is the same as in systems configured for US use (i.e. locale settings: field separator: ',' and decimal separator '.') which doesn't work for many EU countries [or at least not for the settings that I get when configuring my location to be NL: field separator: ';' and decimal separator ',').

Would it be a good idea to allow selection of the field separator and decimal separator or make a warning note about the OS settings not necessarily being what LSMB uses?