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Translation - use translationproject.org or other "tool" ?

Get more translators to keep all the languages up to date

Can we use the translationproject.org ?

(Gnucash use it on some of the languages)
Example: http://translationproject.org/domain/gnucash.html

I think we could get a much broader translation knowledge with the manpower from the teams at translationproject.org

An other option is Transifex

from irc:
<metatrontech> hasorli: They don't seem to have a lot of the strings we need <hasorli> metatrontech: I don't think it's about strings.. It's about translation teams
<hasorli> manpower to do the work.
<metatrontech> ok
<metatrontech> What do you think we would need to do to implement that?
<hasorli> http://translationproject.org/html/maintainers.html
<hasorli> contact ..hidden..
<hasorli> and send the .po file
<metatrontech> Ah....
<metatrontech> might not be a bad idea
<macmaN> several FOSS projects have success with transifex too, was that looked at already?
<metatrontech> We haven't looked at it at the moment.