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Online editing of Templates ?

     I'm making progress with the LedgerSMB Debian package but I think
there's something wrong with how it's currently installing because the
online editing of Styleheets and Templates isn't working.  (Testing is
on a current Debian Wheezy installation, with Perl v5.14 and PostgresSQL
  In my current test install (1.3.12-1~2, r433 at [1]);  I was checking
the menu items & found that although they're available, attempting to
use them results in the following error page:

Template not found.
Perhaps you meant to edit the default template instead?

  Didn't seem to matter which one of the HTML templates I tried,
including the Default...  And I noticed that the Stylesheet dropdown was
not populated.

  Also tried 'System|Text Templates|POS Invoice' but that results in the
following error:

Error: File is of type that is not allowed.
   Not sure if that is from LSMB or from the web server, or...

[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-sql-ledger/ledger-smb/