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Re: a proposal to reorganize files

Chris, thank you for the reply, I will likely address a few of your
points in another message, and it's good that we are on the same page.

So, I am trying to debug/understand the problem I reported with the
Exchange Rate inclusion making a difference, so I am trying to create
some test case data.

I am not actually after "make install"-type system, although I think we
should support that.   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then
surely a makefile is worth ten-thousand? :-)

(or    https://github.com/credil/ledgersmb-skaffold)

Extract it:
        cd ledgersmb-skaffold-1.0
        git submodule init
        git submodule update

This will actually pull a somewhat recent copy of ledgersmb from git-svn
stored on github, but you can instead: rm -rf ledgersmb, and symlink or
tar-xvf a build tree.  

Now, assuming you have postgres-9.1 installed, you should be able to
        make apache

and you'll get:
    1) postgresql running under your userid (which means you are
       database super-user)
    2) apache running under your userid, on port 8000+uid#

You ought to be able to visit localhost:8xxx/setup.pl, and it will work.
The stuff in vendor/plugins/can-o-pg is something that I use for a lot
of rails (and a few django) apps for local testing.

This works on debian, and MacOSX.  I haven't tried Fedora in quite
awhile, but if it fails, I'll find a Fedora VM and make it work.

I'm debugging the prepare-company-database.sh code, which is also there
as prepare-test-database.sh.  There are some problems with the language
loading which I think I've fixed.

What I'd like to see in a reorganized file structure is yes, to have
much of the src in a src directory, such that there is a clear top-level
that we can put stuff like what I've just hacked together.

See the ledgersmb-httpd.conf for some of how I've told Perl where to
find stuff, and the can-o-pg.settings (which is a Makefile really),
which contains an ugly way to get the web server access to what it
really needs.

More specifically what I'd like to have is the ability to write a test
case like I do in rails:
  1) here is some input data to start with.
  2) here is some code to do some report.
  3) here is the output I expect.

I see the tests in t/ and I want to go further....

I didn't realize that the bin/* directory was the legacy code
repository!   Now some things are more clear to me!

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