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possible bug in RPM build process?


You may have seen my earlier post to ledger-smb-users about rpm based

I've got all the perl module pre-reqs satisfied now under Centos 5 by
using only rpm-based installation (using rpmforge repo only - so
relatively simple).  I'm currently documenting the steps and will test
the full process again on a clean install of Centos 5 once I've

In the short term however, I've hit a bug with the rpm file - when I
do the final "yum localinstall ledgersmb-1.3.11-1.noarch.rpm
--nogpgcheck" I get the following error:

> Running rpm_check_debug
> ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
> rpmlib(FileDigests) is needed by ledgersmb-1.3.11-1.noarch
> rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by ledgersmb-1.3.11-1.noarch
> Complete!
> (1, [u'Please report this error in http://bugs.centos.org/set_project.php?project_id=16&ref=http://bugs.centos.org/bug_report_page.php?category=yum'])

Some quick digging and it turns up this bug report for Redhat
Enterprise Linux 5 (of which Centos5 is built):


The comment made vis a vis the bug is:

> "seth vidal 2010-12-22 11:48:46 EST
> the package was built with a newer version of rpm than the one in
> rhel5. You should ask the provider of the pkg to [re]build it with these
> rpmmacros enabled
> %_source_filedigest_algorithm 0
> %_binary_filedigest_algorithm 0
> then it will work on rhel5."

If I get the time this weekend I'll have a go at rebuilding the rpm
with the flags - it should be done by rebuilding the source with
something like:

	rpmbuild -bs \

		--define "_source_filedigest_algorithm 0" \
		--define "_binary_filedigest_algorithm 0" \


- Sydney - Australia