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New: real time web archive for LedgerSMB mailing lists

In order to help build up public knowledge about LedgerSMB, I've set up real time web archives:

     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-devel/maillist.html for sequential mail
     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-devel/threads.html for threaded mail

     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-users/maillist.html for sequential mail
     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-users/threads.html for threaded mail

     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-commits/maillist.html for sequential mail
     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-commits/threads.html for threaded mail

     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-announce/maillist.html for sequential mail
     http://archive.ledgersmb.org/ledger-smb-announce/threads.html for threaded mail

The archives are updated upon receipt of the mails by the mail server run by the archiver. This means that there may be a small delay between when the mail is sent to the mailing list and when it appears in the archives. If the mail server running the archiver receives too much spam, I might introduce grey listing and other spam protection measures, which might cause an additional delay. However, that isn't the case just yet.

The current formatting of the output isn't exactly as appealing as I would have liked. Anybody who wants to submit CSS to improve the situation is kindly invited to contact me.

Chris and I hope that - as soon as the web bots pick up on the links - the archive provides a valuable resource for everybody looking for information on LedgerSMB.