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Re: Refactored Payment.sql::payment_bulk_post()

Hi Chris,

> The execute statements are necessary because PLPGSQL caches query
> plans, meaning that repeat runs of the function will generate errors
> in the same session unless EXECUTE is used.
> I will be back in Jakarta tomorrow and will be resuming normal work schedule.

Great! I had some time to look into it, so I thought I'd do whatever I
can today -- my normal work schedule after all prevents us to talk a
lot during the workweek.

So, if I understand correctly, you're referring to this PostgreSQL
FAQ: http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/FAQ#Why_do_I_get_.22relation_with_OID_.

The great thing about that FAQ is that it says the problem has been
solved for 8.3+. That'd mean we can stop using the EXECUTE construct
in relation to temp tables, because we're 8.3-and-up now, right?

Well, we'll mail more in the coming week.