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Re: Error when upgrading 1.2 db to 1.3 db

On 30/12/11 22:49, Nigel Titley wrote:
> Testing the upgrade 1.2 to 1.3 functionality I get the following error
> Error!
> 42883:ERROR: function public.person__list_salutations() does not exist
> LINE 1: SELECT * FROM "public"."person__list_salutations"() ^ HINT: No
> function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to
> add explicit type casts.

Sorry, I should have been more explicit on this. This was using the
setup.pl script, having fixed some duplicate customer and vender numbers
and also some duplicate invoice numbers and having reached the page that
asks for the contrib directory, the default country and the default AR
and AP account numbers (at least I assume that is what "Default AR" and
"Default AP" are). After this it runs for a little while and then comes
up with the above errors. As before, running on Ubuntu Maverick and with
a mostly functional 1.3.9 LSMB