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Multicurrency issue, concerns, and proposed longer-term direction.

Hi all;

We have been having a slight multicurrency issue with payments that we
do not believe can be adequately resolved inside a stable branch.
Fortunately this issue is not severe and it may be able to be possible
to create a periodic job to fix the problem.

The issue is that the way multicurrency calculations are performed in
LedgerSMB 1.3, there are slight roundoff errors that occur between
posting and payment for AR/AP transactions.  As far as I can tell
these occur when the exchange rate changes.

My recommendation at present is to do as follows:

1)  Add a user-configurable threshold setting (and make it default to
0.005) for paid in full payments.
2)  Either accept there could be a few cents of drift in AR/AP or
create an SQL script to correct this if we need to.

Longer-run I think we need to be able to float foreign currencies and
handle fx gain/loss as a reporting matter rather than something posted
to the books.  I don't see this as being possible until the financial
logic is redesigned so that would be *at least* 1.5, maybe later.

What do people think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers