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Customer/Vendor creation question


Working my way through the application and the mailing list, I've seen
the rationale behind the change in customer/vendor registration
between 1.2 and 1.3 be explained as "you can now create customers and
vendors within one company" i.e. you can deliver to one part and buy
from another part of the same company.

My question comes from trying to match the above statement to the
Company and Account screens in the AR module. In that module, the type
of entity is defined in the "Company" tab. If a single company
(entity) can serve both as a customer and a vendor, why is the type
defined on the company tab? I'd expect it on the 'account' tab, since
then I would be able to create customer and vendor 'accounts' within
one company.

Side note: if companies can be customers as well as vendors, should
they not be considerd "business relations", deserving their own
toplevel menu? After all, they're no longer AR or AP items. They only
have roles as such?