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New project description on the SF project front page

Hi all,

Our current project description isn't a very good one (my opinion).
So, I'm sending a draft replacement:

LedgerSMB aims to be an ERP, amongst others featuring accounting
(including AR & AP), quotation and order management for businesses
with small to medium transaction volumes. [The system has shown to be
able to easily handle thousands of AR/AP transactions per week!]
The LedgerSMB development team aims for LedgerSMB to be a platform to
integrate with other business applications.
The development team highly values community contributions and aims to
stimulate growth of a broad community by actively providing support
and open documentation.
Data integrity, security, quality and responsiveness are key values
for both the LedgerSMB developers and (we hope) its users.
LedgerSMB is a fork of SQL-Ledger. We're working hard to replace the
code we inherited with code we think you deserve.

Can you please comment? When we agree on the final text, we can update
the SF home page to better radiate what we're about.

Thanks for your comments!