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Add-on submission and basics


As of 1.3, we offer an add-on system as part of our SVN tree.  The SVN
tree semantics are:

lsmb version/[addon name]/

Within that, addons may have their own code trees (trunk,. branches,
etc).  An add-on directory structure mirrors whatever subset of the
LedgerSMB directory structure seems helpful.  Additionally a patches
directory can be used to store patches to existing LedgerSMB files,
but these should kept to a minimum if possible.

If someone has custom code they would like to submit as an add-on they
are free to do so.  Any committers can directly commit to the tree.

Anyone can checkout
https://ledger-smb.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ledger-smb/addons and
ask more questions based on what is there at present.

In most cases, no additional contact is required   However, if you
need to add to LedgerSMB catalog tables (things like entity_class or
location_class), please as on the list for number assignments first.
This will avoid conflicts between addons.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers