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Proposed change of priorities for 1.4

Hi all;

Due to the length of time it took to get 1.3 out I haven't had the
time necessary to get 1.4 development going strong.  Replacing the
financial logic is going to be a big job.  What I don't want to see is
another 4 year release cycle.

So I am going to suggest we shift our priorities and don't tackle the
financial logic yet.

1.4 should include as part of core
1)  New recurring transactions logic based on the template transaction
addon in 1.3
2)  New trial balance module based on the enhanced_tb addon (currently
under testing for 1.3)
3)  Generalizing projects, departments, funds, etc. out for reporting
purposes.  Making these hierarchical
4)  Refactoring contact logic, making it more flexible, ensuring that
customers and vendors can be tracked as individuals instead of just

Some of the work I have done on number/date formatting for 1.4 will be
included and this will allow a wider range of number/date formats to
be supported.

The goal would be to have something we could target for release in
summer/fall, and get our release schedule back on track, as well as
providing a basic springboard for further development into the
financial logic of the software.  If I have time I would be open to
putting some time towards an appointment module, I would like to do
that but at this point, there are no guarantees.  What do people

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers