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Re: upgrade 1.2.21 -> 1.3.0 svn revision 3807 == Almost

On Sat, 8 Oct 2011, ..hidden.. wrote:

Suggesting that simply flipping 1.2.99 to 1.3.0 after 1.2-1.3-manual.sql
is not enough.

remembering that Chris had told me at one point

Also, you will be better on most recent svn because you can just cd to sql/modules after and run sh reload_modules.sh [dbname]

i hasten'd to sql/modules

(Where reading reload_modules.sh it dawned on me that the
dbname==COMPANY, so dbname of lsmb13 is not a good choice).

after reload_modules. i log into 1.3-- but it has nothing but a logo and Logged into lsmb13