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Re: Proposal for 1.4: New fields for journal entries: effective_start date and effective_end date

Hi Chris,

> While I am refactoring the database, I'd like to add fields which
> would make it possible to eventually automate deferred and unearned
> income adjustments.  To this effect, I would like to add
> effective_start and effective_end to the journal entry table.  These
> would be optional and if not provided, default to the post date of the
> journal entry.
> An addon could then calculate and post adjustments to the books to
> adjust (and reverse adjustments) the amounts of unearned or deferred
> income and expense so that, for example, end of month reports could
> show actual accrued income and expenses rather than posted income and
> expenses.  The add-on would be developed later but the logic would be
> pretty simple and so such an add-on shouldn't be hard to write.

This would be a great addition to the system for me: we have a number
of yearly-advance-payers who consume monthly services which I'd want
to report as income on a monthly basis; vendor invoicing happens on a
monthly basis as well, so this would be a great way to match income
with expenses.