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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb: [648] branches/1.2/sql/legacy/Pg-upgrade-2.6.18-2.6 .19.sql

Revision: 648
Author:   einhverfr
Date:     2006-11-16 19:33:07 -0800 (Thu, 16 Nov 2006)

Log Message:
Adding crypted_password field :-)

Modified Paths:

Modified: branches/1.2/sql/legacy/Pg-upgrade-2.6.18-2.6.19.sql
--- branches/1.2/sql/legacy/Pg-upgrade-2.6.18-2.6.19.sql	2006-11-17 03:25:39 UTC (rev 647)
+++ branches/1.2/sql/legacy/Pg-upgrade-2.6.18-2.6.19.sql	2006-11-17 03:33:07 UTC (rev 648)
@@ -178,12 +178,14 @@
                         password varchar(32) check(length(password) = 32),
                         print text,
                         printer text,
+			crypted_password text;
                         role text,
                         sid text,
                         signature text,
                         stylesheet text,
                         tel text,
                         templates text,
+			crypted_password text,
                         timeout numeric,
                         vclimit numeric);
 COMMENT ON TABLE users_conf IS 'This is a completely dumb table that is a place holder to get usersconf into the database. Next major release will have a much more sane implementation';

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