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[ledgersmb-announce] Release of ledgersmb-1.5 v1.5.13-2
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[ledgersmb-announce] Release of ledgersmb-1.5 v1.5.13-2

An initial version of the ledgersmb-1.5 debian package for version
1.5.13-2 has been released and uploaded to our apt package repository
for 'main' in stretch[1] as well as to our PPA[2], for 'artful'
(v17.10) as well as 'xenial (v16.04). (The Debian source packages are
available as well.)

This new version includes the ledgersmb-1.5-apache,
ledgersmb-1.5-lighttpd, & ledgersmb-1.5-varnish packages to go along
with the existing ledgersmb-1.5-nginx package. Like the latter,
they're dependant on the ledgersmb-1.5 package they were built with,
for which they are an enhancement. Note that the installs do not
attempt to get the proxy fully operational as they just get the proxy
app installed if it isn't already along with installing (and/or
providing an example of) a configuration file to use; which needs to
be edited as neccessary, enabled, and the app restarted in order for
it to be used.

ledgersmb-1.5 : financial accounting and ERP program (Perl/SQL backend)
ledgersmb-1.5-apache  : web proxy via Apache
ledgersmb-1.5-lighttpd  : web proxy via lighttpd
ledgersmb-1.5-nginx  : web proxy via Nginx
ledgersmb-1.5-varnish : web proxy via varnish

Robert J. Clay
..hidden.., ..hidden..
GPG ID: 2448 3AE0 874D 8696 6DCD ECF4 198C AB6F 43B7 EA9A

[1] https://apt.ledgersmb.org/
[2] https://launchpad.net/~ledgersmb/+archive/ubuntu/main/+packages
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