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LedgerSMB 1.5.0-beta5 released

The LedgerSMB project is proud to announce the latest beta of its new 1.5.0 release line, beta5. Although the beta wasn't part of the original release plans, the project received many more contributions than planned. As a result, there was more churn on the master branch than planned, which warrents another beta before going to release candidates.

This release features:
 * Source tree restructuring, moving the document root to UI/
   allowing easier and more secure reverse proxy configurations
 * Updated Apache configuration
 * New nginx configuration
 * New systemd configuration files
 * Fix issues with (Xe)LaTeX for PDF/PostScript output
 * Improved back-button in combination with browser history management
 * Fix Print button on all documents
 * Fix 'Exchange rate missing!' error on vendor invoices without foreign currency
 * Add back period closing (without year-end closing) -- regression since 1.3
 * Check for library version being accessed equal to 1.5.*
   so loaded 1.4 or earlier don't break the application, reporting an error instead
 * CSS fixes

Additionally, there are now LedgerSMB-1.5 installation instructions on the ledgersmb.org site at this link: http://ledgersmb.org/topic/installing-ledgersmb-15

Please test and provide feedback!



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