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Moving LedgerSMB translations to Transifex

The LedgerSMB project has moved its translation resources to web-services based (and Open Source license friendly) cloud translation provider Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/ledgersmb/ledgersmb/dashboard/)

== About Transifex ==
Transifex supports a wide variety of translation submission workflows including a web-based translation editor. The traditional approach with rich client translation tools such as poedit (http://poedit.net) are still supported too.

With their web-API and client application they integrate very well with the LedgerSMB project's release process and translation source generation. Using these tools the latest translations are downloaded from the Transifex service and included in the release.

As Transifex allows logging in with a wide variety of social authentication methods like Facebook, Google and GitHub, the project expects to lower the barrier of entry for those wanting to contribute to translations.

== LedgerSMB on Transifex ==
In order to help new translators get started we've added LedgerSMB specific translator instructions to the community guide at http://ledgersmb.org/community-guide/community-guide/translating and instructions for developers to make the translator's job easier at http://ledgersmb.org/community-guide/community-guide/development/coding-guidelines/coding-translation

== Translation releases ==
The LedgerSMB release process  has been modified to include the latest translations available for every language. These translations will be downloaded from Transifex just before release. If a release will contain new strings to be translated, those will be uploaded to Transifex when release candidates are published, giving translators a few days to catch up before the final release.

== Getting started translating LedgerSMB ==
Interested to see LedgerSMB used more in your language area? Help grow our market penetration by translating it! We're looking for translators to update - among others - the Czeck, Romanian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Swiss German, French, Chinese and Russian translations.

Don't let the Transifex numbers scare you! It lists 12.5k source words, but there are only roughly 1700 sentences to be translated per LedgerSMB version (4k source words -- roughly 2 words per sentence). Sentences translated in one version are automatically propagated to the other versions. So, there's probably not much more than 2000 sentences to be translated and you'll have LedgerSMB 1.5, 1.4 *and*1.3 translated!

== Special thanks ==
We'd like take the opportunity to thank Istvan Pongracz, who has been graciously running the project's Pootle instance over the past years at http://translate.ledgersmb.org/ We'll be phasing out our use of it by January 31st, 2016.



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