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Late announcement of 1.3.29

Hi everyone

Apparently we neglected to announce 1.3.29 so here it is.  This is intended as informational only and should help people decide whether to upgrade to 1.3.30 or wait for 1.3.31.  My general recommendation is to wait for 1.3.31 unless you have a reason to do otherwise.  1.3.29 has a significant number of fixes and if these fixes affect you, you may want to upgrade to this or a higher version.  Please note that 1.3.31 has some significant bugfixes in it, and consequently we will be recommending that everyone move to this version or higher when it comes out.

The changelog for 1.3.29 is below.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.3.29
* Added db routines for role backup and restore for shared hosting
environments (Chris T, 3598924, filed by Erik H)
* Added provision in Makefile to instantiate pos.conf.pl if not exist (Chris
T, 3599945)
* Fixed errors adding shipto on invoice screen (Chris T, 3599908)
* Fixed permission denied errors adding translations (Chris T, 3599943)
* Added version number to message at top of menu (Chris T, 3600009)
* Added wrapper div around pricegroup field in contact screen to allow cssp,
Chris T.
* Fixed inverted tax numbers in vendor taxable sales report (Chris T, 3600002)
* Fixed cash/receipt and payment screen calculating to pay wrong (Chris T,
* Fixed net-0 transactions not showing up on search (Chris T, 3600700)
* Fixed incorrect recommendation in Makefile.PL (Chris T, h.t Havard S and
Robert C)
* Fixed contact info addition workflow.  Now entering multiple contact records 
is not a total pain(Chris T)
* Fixed lines 2 and 3 not showing on address div for contacts (Chris T)
* Fixed credit limit not accounting for some payments (Chris T, 3600679)
* Payments tables in invoice/transaction screens can be referenced in CSS
(Chris T)
* Updated Hungarian translation (Pongracz Istvan)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann

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