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1.3.26 released

LedgerSMB 1.3.26 has been released with minor usability enhancements for the database update routines and a number of minor bugfixes.  While this release does not have a massive number of fixes of general applicability it does contain a number of fixes that people in specific environments may find helpful.

The major fixes involve the handling of the fs_cssdir configuration setting which was causing problems when trying to edit the stylesheet, and fixes for including parts images in pdf invoices.  See the changelog below for a complete list of fixes and enhancements.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.3.26
* Added db statistics post-upgrade and pre/post rebuild (Chris T, 3586113)
* Merged in fcgi support from addons (Chris T)
* Clarified UI for changing password vs settings (Chris T, 3588810) 
* Fixed eca selection issues when creating invoices (Chris T, 3588301)
* Added demo templates with for invoices with attached images (Chris T)
* Fixed attached images not appearing in templates (Chris T)
* Fixed projects not attached to customers lost 1.2-1.3 (Chris T, h/t Ario)
* Fixed the rpm file to make a valid ledgersmb-httpd.conf (Havard S, 3593393)
* Dropped seconds/subsecs from password expiration notice (Chris T, 3593963)
* Fixed parts images not available from template. (Chris T, h/t Brian W)
* Fixed fs_cssdir not handling trailing / properly (Chris T, h/t Nigel T)
* Fixed file attachments not retrieving for all invoice parts (Chris T)
* fixed file attachements for invoices not handling _ properly (Chris T)

Brian W is Brian Wolf
Chris T is Chris Travers
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Nigel T is Nigel Titley