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LedgerSMB 1.3.14 released

Hi all;

The LedgerSMB core team is proud to announce LedgerSMB 1.3.14.  This
release corrects the final outstanding missing feature from 1.3.x,
namely the ability to edit pricelists per customer or vendor.   At
this point there are no known features from 1.2.x that are missing in

This release corrects a number of bugs including reconciliation
mappings not being set by default, the point of sale always using TCP
to communicate with the host for pole display purposes, unknown
databases incorrectly detected as SQL-Ledger, and more.

This release also adds a few enhancements, including a new Spanish
(Argentina) translation and chart of accounts package, and a great
deal more.  Many thanks to all those who contributed!

Please see the complete changelog below for more info.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.3.14
* Argentina (Spanish) translation and charts of accounts added. (Andres B)
* Fixed errors saving when duedate is blank, bug 3503463 (Chris T)
* Corrected editing pos_invoice.txt whitelisting in front-end (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous directory transversal denial (Chris T, bug 3504924)
* Added recon data to Norwegian chart of accounts (h/t H. Sorli) (Chris T)
* Fixed some menu items disappearing after upgrade (Chris T, bug 3504934)
* Added default to country for initial setup (Chris T, bug 3496967)
* Added recon data to COA files for a few extra locales (Chris T bug 3505102)
* Clarified error message when contrib scripts not found (Chris T)
* Corrected warnings for missin glog initalization (Andres B)
* XLS and ODS buttons are now disabled if prereqs are missing (Erik H)
* Experimental support for migrating from SQL-Ledger via Setup.pl (Chris T)
* Fixed POD issues with lsmb-request.pl (h/t Robert C) (Chris T item 3472648)
* Fixed means of adding parts/editing pricelist missing (Chris T, bug 3442163)
* Fixed unknown db detected as SQL-Ledger (Chris T, bug 3510039)
* Fixed pos ignores pd_proto and always connects tcp (Chris T, bug 3458112)
* Error now displayed when currencies are not defined (Chris T, bug 3509555)
* Fixed "no obvious way to select credit account" (Chris T, bug 3510564)
* Added code to unlink backup files after sent (Chris T)
* Added Gnome css (Andres B)
* Update doc; UPGRADE & README.sql-ledger (h/t Chris T & Erik H) (H Sorli)
* Change logo to "new" design - rename old logo (H Sorli, item 3435532)
* POD corrections to correct for POD style guidelines (Robert C)

Andres B is Andres Basile
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Robert C is Robert James Clay

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