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New Development Snapshot available

Hi all;

A new development snapshot has been released.  This will probably be
the final development snapshot before 1.3.0 RC1.  It's been a long
road but we are once again making progress.

Since the last snapshot a number of bugs have been fixed including
those involved in receipt processing, customer and vendor handling,
business types management and the like.  Additionally we now ship with
a database management utility which is capable of setting up new
databases, and will shortly be capable of migrating old ones from
1.2.x to the current versions.

The following bugs are currently logged, but are not sufficiently
severe to block 1.3.0 once we get database migration working.

 3391630	AR/AP transaction screen prints content header on page
 3385894	"Process Transactions" output mixed with HTTP Headers

The above two bugs are probably caused by scoping issues in legacy
code which is difficult to track down.  They don't interfere with

 3384894	Long invoice does not break item list for pages

The current plan here is to move to longtable for the stock tables.

The snapshot can be downloaded at

As a note, this is still a prerelease snapshot and is released for
testing purposes.  The more folks test it the more confident everyone
can be that fewer and less severe issues will arise following release.
 if you want to use it in production, it is really best to talk with
me or others who use it in production first.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers